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Conventions and Incentives New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact CINZ.

How long does my CINZ membership last for?
Indefinitely. An invoice for membership is raised every year in the month you joined.

Can I upgrade my CINZ membership?
Yes, at any time. Click here to contact CINZ.

Can I go to MEETINGS or advertise in the CINZ planner without being a member?
To participate in any CINZ activities, excluding the annual CINZ conference, you must be a member of CINZ.

What is CINZ in terms of a legal entity?
CINZ is the marketing name for The New Zealand Convention Association, an incorporated society set up to promote and market the New Zealand conference, convention and incentive sectors of inbound tourism.

What is the governance structure of CINZ?
The board of CINZ consists of eight members who appoint an independent chairperson. Board members are elected at the AGM and their tenure is for two to three years, to allow for rotation. Board members from each membership category are elected by other category members on a ‘one vote per member’ basis. The CEO is accountable to the Board.

Other governance issues include:

Alternates: The CINZ Board may, at its discretion, allow alternates for those Board members who are unable to attend specific Board meetings, provided prior notice has been given to the Executive and the alternate has been approved, in advance, by the CINZ Board.
Voting Rights: Each Board member will have one vote, and in the event of a tied vote, the Independent Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
Co-option: The CINZ Board will have the right to co-opt other members onto the Board who can add value to the Board.
Ex-Officio Membership: The CINZ Independent Chairperson shall have ex officio rights at any committee set up by the CINZ Board.

What benefits do I get by becoming a member of CINZ?
Benefits of membership depend on the level you join at and all information can be found on the CINZ membership information page.

What are the differences between the various membership levels?
Broadly speaking, Bronze and Silver membership levels are aimed at those operators interested in domestic conference and meetings business.

Gold and Platinum levels additionally benefit from CINZ international marketing efforts with overseas buyers of conference and conventions products.